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Are you searching for ways to attract and retain the top talent in your industry? Consider prioritising the financial wellness of your employees. This not only unlocks their full potential but also serves as a tax-deductible expense for your business.

Kindred Business Services

At The Kindred Collective, we’re dedicated to establishing long-term partnerships with our business clients. We believe that comprehensive business services encompass more than just documents; they’re about delivering assurance and safeguarding your business interests. Get in touch with us today to explore how we can assist you in planning for the future of your business.

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Relevant Life Cover (RLC)

Looking for a tax-efficient way to provide life insurance for your employees in the UK? Relevant Life Cover could be the solution you need. It's a type of life insurance policy specifically designed to provide a death-in-service benefit for employees.

Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Private medical insurance (PMI) in the UK offers a premium-based healthcare policy that provides access to private healthcare services, including consultations, diagnostic tests, surgeries, and hospital stays. For business owners, PMI is an excellent employee benefit to attract and retain talented staff.

Access to Estate Planning and Mortgage Advice

As an existing client of The Kindred Collective, you can benefit from our range of packages that include access to Estate Planning and Mortgage Advice at a discounted rate. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance the financial well-being of your employees and strengthen your business.

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