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As an authorised Partner at Utility Warehouse, We make it easy for you to bundle all your energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance services into one simple, easy-to-understand monthly bill.

As an authorised Utility Warehouse partner, there really is no better place to start saving.

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With Kindred as your partner, you’ll save time and hassle by eliminating the need to juggle multiple bills and login details. Plus, the more services you bundle, the more you save. Say goodbye to the headache of comparing prices and keeping track of different bills each month.

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At Kindred, we're dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service and ensuring that you have a seamless experience. Don't wait any longer to start simplifying your home services and saving a bundle. Just speak to us or get a quote to see how easy it can be to manage all your home services in one place.

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We understand that the process of comparing bills can be overwhelming and complex. That's why we offer a complimentary initial consultation to help you get started. Here we will take the time to listen to your concerns, gather information about your unique circumstances, and answer any questions you have.

FAQ: Quick answers to all your utility questions

The energy ‘price cap’ is the maximum price suppliers can charge customers on a standard or default tariff.

The price cap was introduced at the start of 2019 by the Government. This resulted in “a fair price for energy” to make sure energy companies don’t charge their customers too much, but also that they’re able to cover their costs of buying energy.

The price of your tariff is capped if:

  • You use a prepayment meter
  • You get the Warm Home Discount and/or
  • You’re on a variable energy tariff (that’s either our Value, Gold or Double Gold tariff)

The Government has recently made several announcements affecting the energy market. You can find the most up-to-date information about this, and how we’re helping you, by clicking here.

If you’re concerned you might struggle to afford any price changes, we’re here to help – you can find advice here.

Typically it takes between two and five working days to switch your energy supply to UW.

You can also track your switch to UW via their free mobile app.

Fixed tariff

Your unit rates and standing charges remain fixed for a predefined period of time. This is typically for a year.

This doesn’t mean that the amount you’ll pay is fixed – it depends on the amount of energy you use.

Fixed energy tariffs are available to customers who take all our services – energy, mobile, and broadband.


Variable tariff

The cost you pay for your energy can go up and down in line with wholesale costs. We’ll always give you 30 days’ notice of any price changes.

If you’re running out of credit and can’t afford to top up, you risk your supply going off. This is because your standing charge is deducted from the meter’s credit each day even if you don’t use any gas or electricity.

So if you can’t afford to top up, please contact us.

If you don’t buy enough credit to cover your energy usage, standing charge and any debt repayments, then your energy supply will stop – this is called ‘self-disconnection’. We don’t want this to happen to you.

We have a friendly, specialist team who will support you in the best way we can, which may include providing you support credit so you can stay on supply. It will depend on your circumstances whether support credit is then repaid. Call our UK-based customer services team on 0333 777 3215.

It’ll also be helpful to tell us if:

  • Anyone in the household has a long-term illness or disability that means they need a constant supply of electricity.
  • You have mobility issues that may reduce your access to your prepayment meter.
  • Anyone in the household is over 60.
  • You’re facing extreme financial difficulties.
  • Your home will be empty for a while.

Alternatively, visit our


When you contact us we can:

  • See if you’re eligible for schemes that may be able to provide financial support, such as the


  • Discuss reducing the collection rate, if you have debt that you’re paying back.
  • Direct you to

    who can offer support if you have debt that you are paying back.

  • Discuss moving you to a more convenient payment method that may be cheaper.



Emergency and Friendly Credit 


Emergency credit 

  • Most meters have Emergency Credit so you won’t lose your energy supply before you top up.
  • Some meters automatically enable the credit, while others need you to manually accept it. Find out how to access the Emergency Credit on your prepayment meter


  • Smart meters have £10 Emergency Credit available.
  • On traditional (non-smart) meters, the Emergency Credit has recently increased from £10 to £20.


Friendly credit

  • If you run out of Emergency Credit, Friendly Credit is automatically available on many prepayment meters at specific times of the day for when it can be difficult to get out to top up:

Most traditional electricity prepayment meters:

  • Weekdays: 6pm to 9am
  • Weekends: 6pm on Friday to 9am on Monday

Smart electricity and gas prepayment meters:

  • Weekdays: 4pm to 10am
  • Weekends: 4pm on Friday to 10am on Monday

Don’t forget, you need to repay any Emergency and Friendly Credit the next time you top up. If you think you are going to struggle to pay this back in one go, please call our UK-based customer services team on 0333 777 3215.


Support credit

  • When you contact us if you’re struggling to top up, we may be able to offer you some support credit if you’re either off-supply or at risk of going off-supply.

It will depend on your circumstances whether support credit is repaid.


Energy efficiency advice

Explore our

for simple, affordable ways to save energy at home and help your top-ups go further.


Switching suppliers with an outstanding balance 

You can switch to another supplier if you have a debt of less than £500. You’ll need to speak with your new supplier first to let them know how much you owe, and that you want to repay it through your meter once you’ve switched to them. They’ll then contact us to confirm your details and to let us know when you’ll be switching.

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